Crew 781 Bylaws

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Coauthor's Trent Tufte and Brian Rude

A.    Membership

Members must have completed 8th grade and are at least 14 years young. At this point in time crew #781 is only open to males, but in 1-3 years will be open to females also. All members must be registered as Ventures and agree to the crew bylaws.

B.    There is to be 5 elected officers to the crew. President, Vice President in charge of Administration, Program Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Nominations will be the first week of election month. One term is one half year. Elections will be held the 2nd meeting of February and the 2nd meeting of August. A simple majority will be able to elect a crew officer. No one may hold any kind of office for more than 2 terms. At least 2/3 of the crew should be at the election to elect crewmembers. If not, the election will be held at the next meeting. Elections shall be done by the nominees stepping outside, while the other members vote by raise of hand.

C.    Crew Business

        The crew will use Robertís Rules of other to run all meetings. Voting on all issues will be simple majority, with the exception of changes or amendments to the bylaws. Amendments shall be brought up the first meeting of the month and voted on by all in attendance the second, the amendment will go into effect the following meeting pending the 2/3 required vote. A notice will be sent to all members about the amendment. Remember that Venturing Crew 781 is a direct democracy and all members in attendance will vote all changes.

D.    Meetings will be held every other week on a Monday unless changed by an amendment on the second meeting of the month.

E.    Officers meeting will be held at least once every two months. The meetings will be held at different locations and times than the general meetings.

F.    The secretary or appointed member will publish a newsletter and minutes. The newsletter will be published every month with lots of nifty information. The newsletter will also serve as the historical record of the crew.

G.   Dues or other payments will be decided at a future date.

H.    All moneymaking projects will be approved by 2/3 of the voting members at the second meeting of the month, after being brought up at the first meeting of the month.

I.     Uniforms - The design of the uniforms must be approved at a meeting where 2/3 of the membership is present and at least 2/3 of those must approve. Uniforms will be optional at meeting but must be worn at all crew outings.

J.     A list will be given to all members. Names, telephones numbers, and addresses will be given out the second meeting of March.

K.    The crew flag will be decided at a future crew meeting.

L.    Dues are set at $5 a month. Approved on May 29, 2000. Changing Section G of the bylaws.

M.   The crew is now open to girls as full members. Approved on September 27, 2000. Changing Section A of the bylaws.

N.      To increase our voting power as a crew, we now have an extended leave program that works as follows: the crew member that wants an extended leave files an Extended Leave Form to the secretary. After the form is filed, the member will still pay dues and can come to any meeting and event but can not vote on any issue except those involving amendments and changes to the bylaws. The members that are in office and are going on extended leave must appoint a member of the crew to act in their place as acting officer. Approved on September 27, 2000. After missing 3 meetings, the crew member will go on probation where that member will loose voting rights (except voting on amendments and changes to the bylaws) and, also will be taken out of the quorum until he/she attends as many meetings as he/she has been gone for. Approved on September 27, 2000.